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History of our Building

Buildings that now house Antiques & Stuff and our neighbor Tomato Pie Café were built in 1900 by Hiram Holtzhouse. Hiram was married to Mary Jane Stormfetz at the time he built the structures. Holtzhouse and his wife created the original business in the main house in which he had a soda fountain and also sold cut rate drugs. Holtzhouse used the small building to the rear of the house, now Antiques & Stuff, as an ice house for his business. Holtzhouse’s granddaughter, Joanne Snavely, provided the information for this short history. Joanne and her siblings lived in the main house with her grandparents for one year during which she attended the fourth grade in the former Lititz Elementary School.

Holtzhouse sold the property in the 1930’s to the Glassmyer family who continued the soda and drugstore business and also served breakfast and lunches into the 1990’s. During this time, the building that is now Antiques & Stuff was used as a storage shed, and a garage door was added to part of the building so it could serve as a garage. 

In the mid-1990’s, the Glassmyer’s sold the business and it continued to be a restaurant serving breakfasts and lunches. The new owners kept the Glassmyers’ name. The little building in the back, now Antiques & Stuff, during that time housed an antique shop for a couple of years, and later, for many years was home to a local craftsman who sold duck decoys and made and sold Shaker-type furniture.  

The Antiques & Stuff building still has its original tin roof, and the building maintains its early 1900’s flavor. Come and visit us on your next trip to Lititz, PA!